Arimidex is an anti-estrogenic medicine that is produced to treat the women who are in the advanced stage of breast cancer. This drug is also called anastrozole. To be precise, this drug is the foremost addition in the new batch of 3rd generation selective aromatase inhibitors that can be taken orally. When you consume this medicine, it first blocks the aromatase enzyme that in turn blocks production of estrogen within your body. You should know that estrogen can stimulate different forms of breast cancer. Thus, if the level of this hormone is reduced, the succession of the disease can be prevented. In fact, the tamoxifen citrate (Nolvadex) is used basically for the similar purpose; however, Nolvadex cannot prevent the real endogenous production of estrogen, it only prevents its action at the receptor.

Effects of Arimidex:

Zeneca Pharmaceuticals manufactured this anastrozole and it got approval in the late 1995 for use in the US. Arimidex has substantial effects. If the cancer affected women take 1mg dose of this medication, the estrogen production can be suppressed more than 80%. In most of the cases the post menopausal women whose breast cancer was operable are asked to take this drug owing to its so strong effect on the hormones. Particularly, it was manufactured so that it can act as the new add-on treatment for the women who have been using Nolvadex for long. It is just needless to say that a lot of proofs were required to change that well-known medicine treatment.

How it acts?

This medicine is really the best aromatase inhibitor. First it blocks the aromatase enzyme and then prevents the production of male hormones which get converted into estrogen by the enzyme. This conversion is known as aromatization. Therefore, it is certainly beneficial for the bodybuilders who consume aromatizing steroids, like testosterone. Even though it is true that they can have many side effects like, “gyno” or water bloat due to estrogen, but Arimidex can reduce these side effects to a great extent.

Why bodybuilders prefer Arimidex?

A lot of studies have been carried out to prove the effect of Arimidex. Now it has been confirmed that it has the capacity of reducing the estrogen level by about 50%. Thus, this is extremely helpful for the bodybuilders because they need some of this hormone to acquire the complete anabolic benefits of the steroids that they are using. Mostly it is seen that half a tablet every day is enough for controlling the estrogen level during a cycle.

Usually, the bodybuilders start consuming it the day they begin their cycle, and will continue taking it for the whole period of steroid administration. In addition to this, you must know that Arimidex can elevate the natural testosterone levels by about 60% after you take it for a week. That is why this drug is tremendously effective for the bodybuilders especially during PCT. They try to increase natural levels as much as they can so that they can evade a post cycle “crash.” Furthermore, by using anastrozole you can torch your excess fat may decrease fat mass. Consequently, you will get well defined muscles and a toned body. For this reason, this drug is also preferred by the people who are on a diet and want to shed their unwanted fat.