Fitness trainers in the UK love to help their clients out and one of the most common ways of providing assistance is to turn to pills. Cytomel is a very popular medicine for many personal fitness trainers in the UK as it interacts with the metabolic system of their client and helps to control their weight.

It is linked to the thyroid gland that is responsible for producing hormones that metabolize energy. Cytomel has been proven to produce two hormones: triodothyronine, or T-3, and thyroxine, or T-4. T-3 can only be found in a synthetic state but the T-4 converts hormones into T-3. In order to control nutrition absorption, one needs these hormones because a deficiency in them has the potential to lead to weight gain.

Why Hormones?

Patients that are diagnosed with Thyroid Dysfunction usually battle weight gain because they do not have the ability to produce necessary hormones to control body balance. In a healthy individual in the UK, the T-3 and T-4 act to stabilize the metabolism. Without those hormones, managing weight gain is very difficult.

Doctors and medical practitioners recommend hormone treatments to these patients to help them balance their weight. Many hormones are available without a medical prescription making it easier for patients in Ireland to purchase them.

Who Uses Cytomel?

People who have issues with controlling their weight use T3 because of its specified abilities. Cytomel produces T-3 and T-4 hormones that control metabolism and make energy. Human cells require a high level amount of nutrition utilization to produce energy.

Cytomel activates energy production by stimulating the human cells, which creates a cycle of supply and demand. The body can turn proteins, carbohydrates, and fats into energy and burn calories. By burning calories, one reduces the amount of body fat making one look slimmer with less exercise.


If you are starting on the path to a healthy lifestyle, you should take T3 at a lower dose. One only needs ten to twenty micrograms of Cytomel for ever fifty pounds of body weight. Cytomel is available in one hundred microgram tablets by LA Pharma in one hundred count bottles. So for a person who is two hundred and fifty pounds, one would need to take a half pill to one pill a day. If one is so overweight they need more than one pill a day, then they can safely take it at regular intervals throughout the day rather than all at once.

Genuine Cytomel is one of the safest thyroid options available on the market to buy online, because it doesn’t replace your natural metabolism, only enhances it. You can order genuine Cytomel T3 and start to safely and naturally lose weight.