Equipoise is a popular brand name that was created in order to replicate Dianabol, a muscle building treatment. Dianabol has a proven track record of successfully building muscle within the body.

Additionally, Boldenone is a brand name of Boldenone Undecylenate and is a derivative of testosterone. Undecylenate extends the properties of Equipoise so that users will not have to inject it as often, generally it would only need to be repeated once every three or even four weeks.

Additionally, as with most steroids, this injectible demonstrates an amazing ability to increase red blood cells. Historically, Equipoise was used primarily in the veterinary field, in order to help severely underweight horses, that exhibited little to no appetite. However, over time, Equipose has been favorited among athletes and professional bodybuilders in the UK, who buy it online, because it helps develop high-quality muscle mass and most note that their strength levels steadily increase over time. Although, Boldenone is stackable and versatile it can be detected if used for extended periods of time.

Many users of Equipoise note that is helps to build body mass a lot slower, but steadily, over time. As opposed to the faster results that you get with other similar treatments. The muscle that is gained is not the smooth bulky look that is typically seen with androgens. Instead, users get a more defined, natural, and solid look. Also, since bloating or water retention is not associated with this drug, much of the gains that are obtained are retained long after use has been discontinued. Again, the more positive results from Boldenone is that bodybuilders in the UK can go over extended periods of time without having to inject.

The side effects of Equipoise are typically very mild. Boldenone does not allow it to turn into estrogen. Although it does have the ability to convert to estrogen, if taken in moderate dosages, the likelihood of that occurring decreases dramatically. Men in the UK typically do not exhibit gynecomastia, additionally, acne, oily skin and even hair loss are can occur with this drug, however, women find that there are very few if any side effects associated with taking the drug such as virilization.

It is recommended, in order to decrease the likelihood of unwanted side effects and in order to maintain stable blood levels that this drug is injected once each week. Males should take between 200-400 mg and females should take between 50-75 mg. Again, the efficacy of the drug lasts between cycles of 8-12 weeks.