Are you considering buying Hygetropin HGH kits online? HGH or Human Growth Hormone has long been associated with our bodies aging, skin quality, and our natural energy levels. HGH was first discovered (isolated) by Scientists in 1956. It is a very powerful anabolic hormone that plays a big part in cartilage, bone, and muscle development. Within a short three-year period after the successful isolation, doctors began to use it in the treatment of children suffering from various “growth” disorders. The pituitary gland of our brain is where it is produced. Consequently, after the age of 30 the body’s natural levels of HGH diminish at a rate of close to 15% every ten years. Of course this accelerates the aging process.

Effects of HGH After starting to take Hygetropin one will notice subtle effects over time. Each individual is unique and those effects and time frames will vary person to person. Normally within the first two months one will experience benefits such as getting a higher quality and deeper sleep. Within six months the body will continue to adjust and weight loss will occur along with an increase of lean muscle mass and a generally more youthful appearance. Clinical Studies Is injectable HGH really “The Fountain Of youth Hormone”? Well, there have only been a few clinical research studies done to date, but the results have been very promising. These clinical studies indicate that by increasing the natural amounts of HGH in the body that there is a reversal of the general aging process. The most noticeable benefits were weight loss, lean muscle gain, diminished wrinkles, higher bone density, higher sex drive, and other benefits in other areas associated with aging. These clinical studies also showed that there were virtually no side effects associated with injectable HGH, when taken as directed.

How Is HGH Made? Back in the late 1950’s before the concept of genetic engineering was known about the only known supply of HGH came from human corpses. The pituitary glands were taken out of the deceased bodies and the HGH was extracted and remained in a liquid form and given by injections. In more recent times Hygetropin HGH is being made synthetically in laboratories and in unlimited quantities. In 1989 using HGH vials was deemed to create an unfair advantage to athletes and was banned by the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

What is The Difference Between Injectable HGH And HGH Pens? The pen forms of HGH are manufactured in the same way as the prescribed, injectable, human growth hormone is. In simple terms the DNA code for the human growth hormone is synthesized in the laboratory. The synthesized HGH is then placed into an organic strain of HGH and then purified into a form that the human body will recognize as the natural form of HGH. In other words HGH must be obtained through a prescription from a doctor and Homeopathic HGH can be bought on the Internet and over the counter.

What To Look For When Buying Hygetropin HGH is becoming more popular by the day and many “HGH For Sale” signs are going up all over the net. The problem is that many of these products don’t contain any HGH at all! If you read closely these vendors will actually attempt to sell you a product that only “aids in the natural stimulation of the production of HGH in the body”, or some such nonsense. In the darker alley ways of HGH product sales, there is being offered what is called, homeopathic HGH.   Something to remember before you buy Hygetropin kits online is that your results will be gradual and will vary from one person to the other. There is no “set” standard for the HGH benefits that you might enjoy. Some people will benefit greatly and others might benefit in a lesser capacity.

Although, a lot of people, after six months use of a injectable HGH product, have reported feeling like a kid again and looking 10-20 years younger. So can you grow young with HGH, is it the proverbial “Fountain Of youth”? Some swear by it, but before purchasing any HGH product do just two things. The first would be to consult with your doctor before starting any new regime and the second thing would be to verify your HGH product after purchase.

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