Bodybuilders seeking to get some of the same effects once found through the use of ephedrine, which is now banned, can find beneficial qualities through the use of Clenbuterol. Offered in tablet form, Clenbuterol, often called Clen for short, is helpful to bodybuilders and others in the UK, seeking to build stamina, reduce body fat and help in the overall goal towards total body fitness.

Clen helps the body reduce the total amount of fat in the body by acting as a fat burner and thus helping to reduce body fat. Users experience sensations such as slight anxiety, an increased heart rate and raised body temperature, all of which are the physical effects of Clen burning off stored body fat. Soon after taking Clen tablets, users report having an increased ability to push through workouts, cardio training sessions and targeted training as Clen also allows for better breathing.

Bodybuilders report better breathing ability while using Clen, along with also having increased body strength while taking Clenbuterol. The tablets work directly on receptors within the body, and because of this usage should be limited to periods of two weeks taking Clen, followed by two weeks of a break to allow the body to reset itself and thus not grow dependent on Clen which would then reduce the beneficial side effects of using Clen.

It is recommended that users of Clen consume ample and adequate quantities of water every day, and especially during training or workout sessions. A maximum of three, 40 mcg, tablets is the maximum daily dosage of Clen, and taking the daily dose in the early morning works best to allow the tablets time to subside by bedtime. Men and women alike can benefit from Clen usage, through the female dosage may need to be adjusted downward. As with other medications and bodybuilding enhancement products, those with pre-existing heart conditions or medical concerns should avoid taking Clen.