Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin also known under the name of NandroloneDecanoate it is the most popular steroid that is used as injectable versions. This product gained a prestigious popularity due to the Deca compound which is able to release considerable anabolic effects without any androgenic negative effects. This product is used especially by men, as it is considered to be the most effective product for their organism.

The weekly dosage is of 200- 400 mg and is mostly used as injections. One does not need more than one injection per week. This quantity will not create any issues to a body builder because the estrogen conversion will be slightly noticed. Body builders have the capacity of tolerating this medicine quite well. Deca Durabolin has as primary compound the oil it is injectable, and on the market one can find this medicine in containers of 100 mg/cc.   This medicine produces a powerful effect upon body fat helping people to lose weight while gaining a formidable size and strength.

You don’t have to worry about the side effects because unlike other steroids this one has no power on the liver. If you keep working at the gym you will have nothing to be afraid because the effect of this medicine can keep up to 4 months. This product is extremely used by athletes, and powerful recommended by sports medicine physicians. Not to mention, that Deca Durabolin it is considered to be the safest steroid. It is extremely effective and nowadays, it even gained popularity among women that work a lot to build their body. The popularity that this product gained among women is due to its mildly androgenic compound.

Body builders can put their faith in this medicine because unlike the testosterone this medicine will not produce any damages to the immune system. Also, you will not have problems with the knees, elbows, or with the connective tissue. So if, you are a heavy steroid user you can try this medicine with confidence because no medical problems will appear.