MX- 197 injection is a drug consisting of the following such components as Trenbolone, Decanoate and Sustanon.  The drug is said to be one of the most beloved steroids among the users due to its effectiveness and insignificance of side effects.  But despite the good quality of the product, it also appears to be relatively cheaper than a number of other steroids with nearly the same effectiveness.

The drug is very popular among the professional sportsmen since it is 3 times more anabolic than most of the steroid drugs.  Therefore, it is highly recommended when someone needs increase in strength within the shortest period of time possible.  Trenbolone is believed to be one of least harmful steroids for health.  Some exaggerate its effect on kidney, but all in all it is more of exaggeration than reality.  What good about this steroid is that it simply contains everything that it needs to be effective without some additional components.  Moreover, all the insignificant side effects it brings are easy to remove and are not harmful in its nature at all.

Another component of MX-197 injection, Decanoate is popular for its anabolic effects coming with minimum of negative side effects.  It is considered by many users to be number one injection steroid and it is usually injected once per week at an amount of 200-400 mg.  This is the perfect amount for a user to take to have the injection revealed in its best quality and effectiveness.  It reduces body fat, gives physical strengths and is not very harmful to liver.

Third component of MX-197 injection is Sustanon which is a mixture of 4 testosterone esters.  It is an oil based injection having few negative side effects.  It delivers strength within the short period of time, however it still has a durable effect.  It is usually injected once per week at dose of 500 to 1000 mg.  It is not toxic in any way and does not have any extraordinary side effects apart from most of the steroid injections.

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