Norditropin is the drug that is available only in injected form and is useful for patients in the UK suffering from deficiency of production of human growth hormone. Every human body needs sufficient growth hormone, no matter what the age is. After a certain age, the production of human growth hormone declines. To improve this count of growth hormone, this drug can be used. The cycle of this drug can be continued for a long duration that can go up to 5 to 8 months and should be injected on a daily basis.

Pediatric patients can be treated using this drug who are unable to produce endogenous growth hormone naturally. This situation is indicated as Noonan syndrome and is seen in the age between 2 and 4 years. Adults face the issue of deficiency in the production of human growth hormone. It can be due to pituitary disease. The pituitary gland produces growth hormone naturally, and if the body does not produce the hormone, then synthetically it can be induced into the body.

Norditropin is injected based on the weight of an adult. If you are injecting the drug in order to increase weight and muscle mass, then the recommended dosage is 0.004 mg per kilogram weight of the individual. The maximum intake can be 0.016 mg per kilogram per day. The drug is suggested to be taken in the early hours of cortisol that are either in the early morning immediately after getting up from bed, and the other would be in early noon.

Norditropin is also well known for treating patients suffering from HIV+. The drug is well known in improving the muscle cells and tissue growth, which will help improve the overall weight of the patient and facilitate them with a healthy lifestyle. Time of intaking the drug is important which is generally decided by the age of the individual.

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