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Oxymetholone is commonly known as Androlic or Anadrol. It has been established as the strongest and most active steroid to date. Apart acting rapidly stimulating of muscle growth it also virtually increases the mass of the body muscles. Study carried out indicates that it can stimulate muscle growth up 10pounds in duration of two weeks. Gains made from using oxymetholone are not permanent and they drastically smooth out with time due to water retention and lipolysis. The components of water that result from oxymetholone should not be ignored either this due to the fact that water that is retained is used in lubricating body joints allowing pain free workouts even when using heavy weights .retaining water also ensure that more nutrients are retained within the cell leading to permanent growth of muscles.

Oxymethelone should be used according to the prescribed dosage

Dosage: you should only take 1 to 2tablets of 50mg.the rule of thumb prescribe that you should use between 0.5 to 0.8mg per pound of body weight. Oxymetholone is well known in accelerating the attainment of the desired result within a span of few days. Never should you use oxymetholone beyond 6 weeks. You should frequently consult a physician to examine your liver when using oxymetholone this to verify that your liver values are correct.

When using oxymetholone it is necessary to use anti-hypertension alongside it. This is meant to reduce the effect of blood pressure due to its drastic effect on blood pressure for starters and women especially if your blood pressure is fairly high. Towards the end of oxymetholone dosage it is advisable to use HCG and Clomid to suppress the likely side effect otherwise it does not have. Oxymetholone is the best drug that is globally accepted and appreciated for its immediate response to your needs. It offers a solution to your long term and short term problem in body building leaving amazed with its action. Although nothing lacks side effect, oxymetholone side effect are extremely low and sometime you cannot experience or notice them. This makes this brand remain as the most popular steroid for magnificent increase in body size and strength.