Provinorum is a Dihydrotestosterone compound that is the oral version of androgen mesterolone. This steroid does not result in aromatization, thus eliminating the conversion into estrogen. Clinically, doctors recommend the usage of this steroid to treat sexual dysfunction. This steroid is known to improve the sperm count and also improve the libido in men. Another feature of this steroid is it can also act as a blockage of androgen receptor in muscle tissues.

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Because users will not notice any aromatization, they can be relaxed about the adverse effects like water retention, gynecomastia, acne, etc. with its intake. Many athletes also use it as anti-estrogen because it can slow down the process of conversion of steroids into estrogen. While preparing for competitions, athletes do not forget to include this steroid in the cycle because it reduces the estrogenic levels in the blood and improves the androgen levels. The users will notice hardness and better density in the muscles but will not notice an explosion of mass because of minimum water retention. The drug is also known to burn excess fat, thus making it even more advantageous during pre-competitive cycles.

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Users intaking Provinorum will rarely notice the issue of high blood pressure or increased aggression. Women can safely intake this drug and can notice considerable change in the structure as well as strength of the body. Women can intake up to 25 mg per day and beyond that they might notice virilization symptoms.

Men can intake Provinorum within the recommended dosage of 25 mg to 50 mg. The steroid hardly has any side effects on men. It is one of the safest drugs present in the market and is also less expensive, making it reachable to each and every class of people.

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