Testosterone Enanthate, its main advantage is that the drug has not any negative side effects except for insignificants ones such as hunger and disposition to sweating.

It is actually one of the most popular ethers of testosterone.  The drug has a high coefficient of anabolic action.  When taking the steroid, the content of testosterone doubles during the first days and continues to grow during the next two weeks after the injection.  That is the main reason the steroid is very popular among professional athletes since it brings increase in weight and physical power within the short period of time.  Unlike many other steroids, Testosterone Enanthateis also functioning against accumulation of extra water in the organism of the sportsman and therefore it is unnecessary to take “drying” procedures.  However, one should always keep in mind that overuse of the drug may lead to changes in blood pressure.

The drug is one of the most beloved ones not only among professional sportsmen but among amateur sportsmen as well.  Due to the increase in physical power that it brings, the drug is especially appreciated among weight lifting and power lifting sportsmen.  In general, Testosterone Enanthate is number one steroid among the professionals in those kinds of sports.

Usually the period of the interval between the usages of the drug makes about a week since the period of partial disintegration of the testosterone makes up about 7 days.   However experienced athletes may take the drug two or three times per week what equals about 500-750 mg per week.  Some even allow themselves taking about 1-1.5 grams per week.

Testosterone Enanthate refers to the category of steroids which actually do not have any negative side effects if not to overuse it.  It may only cause such insignificant consequences as disposition to sweating, hunger and itching where the injection was made.  But those side effects come along with any drug containing testosterone and they are not dangerous or threatening at all.