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ROCHE Xenical is the most successful pills for weight loss that helps you reduce your weight losing your appetite. It helps in managing your weight through weight loss and regain as well as maintaining obesity related diet disorders. These pills works by releasing enzymes called lipases to your internal track system that enhance digestion of fats. When xenical is swallowed alongside food it blocks lipases thus suppressing from digesting the fats in the eaten food. This ensures that the absorption ability of fat in the body has been impaired by approximately 30%.though fat is an important component in the body, continuous excessive consumption on a daily basis increases the body weight. There is a large margin in lose weight for obese patients who use xenical and controlled calorie consumption as compared to one who adopt calorie consumption criteria only with the xenical losing 13.4pound as compared to the later who only lose 5.8pounds.

Dosage: one capsule is recommended after every meal taken with a fluid.

Xenical is packed in packets of 84tablets.it should be taken alongside multivitamin supplement rich in vitamin D, E, and K daily. This should be taken along with nutritionally balanced diet with not more than 30% calorie. The multivitamin supplement should be taken two hours before or after taking xenical to cut down the side effect of xenical alters the absorption behavior of fats with changes in bowel being eminent. Side effect is common in first few weeks but later subsides when treated.


  • Fatty stool
  • Fatty spotting
  • Discharge with gas
  • Increased bowel movement

Change in bowel movement is a natural way of blocking fats from being absorbed a clear indication that xenical is working. As smoking obesity is also 2nd cause of death in US and needs to be prevented. It has emerged as the major disease that contributes to serious medical disorders like high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) and cardiovascular problems or diseases. Obesity being a serious problem it is advisable that xenical should be used by anyone who is concerned and serious about his life by losing, managing and controlling of weight.

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