Clomiphene citrate preparation is an essential ingredient of the Clomid®. This drug was created to cure infertility in women and was not meant to be taken as steroid type of drug. That is how it works: it cuts down the work of female hormone estrogen in the organism. Nolvadex® causes the same type of effect as Clomid® does.

Female bodybuilders is not the target consumer audience for this drug, because it does not produce any significant muscle building effect. Men athletes can benefit from it the most, since it boosts testosterone increase in the body. Using steroids causes testosterone level in male organisms to drop down significantly, and using this drug can be very profitable.

It is very desirable to avoid much of the muscle size loss caused by blood clearing out of anabolic drugs. This can be done by rapid increase of the level of testosterone. The lack of testosterone can produce the undesirable post-steroid collapse, which, in its turn, would eat up much of the muscles built by the steroid course. Athletes may expect Clomid® to help them avoid this collapse.

After month or months and a half of regular Clomid® ingestion in the amount of 1 or 2 pills, which equals to 50 or 100 mg, testosterone level would return to normal. During the ingestion time the level of testosterone has to increase gradually.